“Being Seen,” is an exhibition by Montana-based artist, Tyler Murphy that aims to transport viewers back to a time or place that they long for.



Cassens Fine Art is pleased to present “Being Seen,” an exhibition by Tyler Murphy. Murphy grew up near Joliet, Montana but he resides in Billings and finds inspiration from the landscapes along the Beartooth front and across the backroads of Eastern Montana. With every painting, he aims to return attention to what’s meaningful in life that comes from working and caring for one’s home, land, friendships, and family. 


“Being Seen,” draws inspiration from Lacanian theory, specifically the concept of “the gaze.” “The gaze” describes those moments when your environment takes your unconscious desire into account, configuring itself to look the way you didn't even yet know you wanted it to, even if only for a moment. In each piece of this exhibition, Murphy articulates his quest to paint scenes that become “the gaze” for viewers, evoking an emotional resonance and transporting viewers back to a time or place that they long for. 


“My goal, both in my life and my work, is to create something that resonates with people in a way they didn't anticipate. It's like falling in love, something you don't consciously plan—it just happens,” says Murphy.


Read more in this exclusive conversation between Murphy and Cassens Fine Art here.


The public is invited to view this collection March 1st, 2024, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Cassens Fine Art, located at 215 West Main St. Hamilton, Montana 59840. This a unique opportunity to meet Murphy, view his exceptional works, and tempt your nostalgia.


For more information about the exhibition, please visit https://cassensfineart.com/, or contact the gallery at 406-363-4112.

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