Unveiling the Natural Splendor and Artistic Growth through Alissa Durling's Latest Collection

Montana's natural beauty has long been an inspiration to and stirred the creativity of it's resident artists. This June, join us on an extraordinary journey into the world of renowned artist Alissa Durling as Cassens Fine Art proudly presents her latest collection, "Journey." From June 2nd to July 6th, 2023, immerse yourself in the breathtaking fusion of art and nature captured in Durling's vibrant creations.

Alissa Durling, a native of our very own Bitterroot Valley, is a testament to the abundance of local talent in this awe-inspiring region. Her artistic journey intertwines with the very landscapes that have nurtured her, and each of her creations embodies the essence of Montana. From the tranquil vistas of Glacier National Park and Flathead Lake to the cherished Bitterroot Valley, Durling's art encapsulates the beauty and spirit of her homeland.

"Journey" is more than an exhibition—it is a heartfelt diary of an artist. With each piece, Durling narrates a chapter of her personal growth and artistic evolution. Comprising 15 unique works of art, this collection illustrates Durling's unwavering dedication to capturing the spirit of the natural world through her extraordinary talent.

Cassens Fine Art is committed to providing a platform for the talent and skill of Montana artists, both traditional and contemporary, and hosting Alissa Durling's "Journey" is a testament to that commitment. Durling's bold style and the raw honesty of her work create an unparalleled experience for art enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. Her innovative approach breathes new life into landscape art, inviting viewers to see beyond the canvas and into a world where tradition meets imagination.

Step into Alissa Durling's creative realm, where she channels the essence of her surroundings into vibrant works of art. In her converted garage-turned-studio, surrounded by the joyful sounds of children and a curious cat, Durling's masterful brushstrokes and distinct lines create a captivating balance. 

Michelle Cassens, the gallery owner, shares her excitement, stating, "In 'Journey,' Alissa Durling skillfully maps the terrain of her artistic growth, with her passion for nature resonating in every piece." Cassens Fine Art is thrilled to guide patrons on this captivating visual voyage, unveiling the transformative power of art in harmony with the majestic beauty of nature.

Join us on June 2nd, from 5-7pm, for the Artist Reception—an extraordinary opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with Alissa Durling herself. Gain insights into her artistic process, her vision, and the inspirations that fuel her creations. The reception also offers an exclusive chance to view and purchase Durling's works before the online sale begins on Saturday, June 3rd, at 10AM.

Experience the ethereal beauty of "Journey" and allow yourself to be transported into the universe of landscape art through the unique lens of Alissa Durling. We extend a warm invitation to all art lovers and enthusiasts to join us at Cassens Fine Art for this unforgettable exploration.

For more information or to schedule a private viewing, please contact Michelle at michelle@cassensfineart.com or call 406-363-4112. 


We are excite to accompany you on this extraordinary "Journey" with Alissa Durling's vibrant work!

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